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Multi-creative doesn’t mean indecisive

“So, what is it that you do?”

That was a message that recently made it into my inbox.

It’s a good question. What I do probably fits into the “multi-creative” category.

I give talks on innovation stories.

I write and edit articles and content.

I give workshops on blogging and telling stories.

I’m a school clown.

So, I do a number of things. It depends on the time of day when I’m doing what.

Being a multi-creative, though, doesn’t mean I’m indecisive.

I simply like to do different things.

But for some people it is confusing.

My “old” clients recognize my need to do different things and we work together on the specific creative arena in which they require help. The new clients – and the potential clients – are my challenge.

As a freelancer, I need every client to understand that I can do this and that.

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