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100 Days Too Long

Today is Day 100.

Day 100 since innocent civilians were snatched from their homes.

And today, like many other days, I went to visit Hostages and Missing Square in Tel Aviv.

I was far from the only one there.

This was the main site of the 24-hour protest calling for a deal to be made to immediately release the hostages.

Speakers and singers took turns addressing the crowds.

No one was happy to be there.

In addition to protest speeches and protest songs, this has become the site of so many protest art installations.

Protest art installations that are emotionally trying.

That inflict uncomfortable thoughts on visitors.

That make onlookers think.

A new installation was put here to mark Day 100. It is a Hamas-like tunnel. And it is hands down the most violent art undertaking so far.

Visitors are encouraged to get a feel of what the hostages are suffering.

The tunnel is narrow. Cramped. With echoes of recorded sounds of war.

It is an experience that takes your breath away. Quite literally, breathtaking. But not in a good way at all.

Unlike the plight of the hostages, visitors aren’t in the tunnel long enough to feel fully suffocated or fully claustrophobic. This tunnel is short and leads visitors quickly back to the sunlight.

Names of the hostages – loved ones – are written on the tunnel walls.

Prayers for their safe return are etched there, too.

The tunnel art installation was built to raise awareness of the plight of too many hostages in Gaza.

As visitors emerge, there is a sign “vaheyee orr”. Hebrew for: Let there be light.

It was Day 100 today.

100 days too long.

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