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IMG_0237.jpg Photo of "safety" signs in TLV Museum
jnf women march 2019
jnf women march 2019 by boruch photo
jnf women march 2019 photo
Isfiya, 2018
View of Hadera Power plant
Alley in Isfiya 2018
swinging bridge in nesher
viva as an educationalclown nov 2018
Road to Masada
Sunrise on Masada
Gave a group from the University of Florida Onward Israel program an abridged version of why Israel
Amphitheater in Rawabi
Shopping area in Rawabi
Old street signs
Concert venue
Ice drinks
Shopping complex in Rawabi
QCenter shopping complex
Mosque under construction
Going to Rawabi
Rawabi is a planned city 9km outside
hiking fun
fresh green and yellow
ful beans
Christmas in Toronto
Frosty Waterfront
Independence Day 2018
Independence Day 2018 Israel
People at Independence Day 2018
Med Sea at Independence Day 2018
Toronto in Winter. 2017.
Toronto in Winter. 2017.
Eggs for Sale
Monks picnic
Holi Powders
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