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These Yellow Chairs

These yellow chairs.

They’re part of an art installation in Tel Aviv.

An art installation with one main message: bring back the hostages taken by Hamas.

I walked past them today.

Just one installation now outside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

One of the many outdoor art exhibits calling on passersby to keep the plight of the hostages and their families at the forefront.

To bring these missing people home. Now.

Look closer at these yellow chairs.

They’re tied together.

Indeed, everyone in Israel is tied to the plight of these hostages.

Look even closer at these yellow chairs.

See the eyes staring back at you.

Each hostage is a world.

It is heartbreaking to see eyes staring back at you from an empty chair.

But hopeful, too. Hopeful that these chairs will soon be used as they’re meant to be -- to provide support for a seated person.

Look a tiny bit closer at these yellow chairs.

They’re Keter chairs.

A plastic chair that is considered an Israeli symbol.

They’ve been used in art installations before.

To promote breast cancer awareness (pink chairs).

And pride and equality (rainbow colored chairs).

The company created a special edition yellow chair for the Abducted and Missing Families Forum, which is working to bring the hostages and missing back home.

Yellow, as you probably know, has long been the defining symbol of support for missing people/hostages.

These yellow chairs.

They’re so much more than just yellow plastic chairs.


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