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Wish Tree in Tel Aviv

There’s a tree in Tel Aviv that is made of yellow ribbons, red paper hearts and brown coil.

A guerrilla artwork that popped up one day in the public square, outside the Museum of Art. 

It seems to be a Wish Tree. With only one wish. 

The tree is one of many outdoor artworks dedicated to the hostages kidnapped by the Hamas terror group. 

It isn’t as big as the other installations, also calling for their release. 

But it draws attention to itself because it is yellow and red. 

Yellow ribbons, the symbol for a safe return. 

Red hearts, the symbol for care and love.

It’s not a traditional Wish Tree. 

The traditional Wish Trees invite people to add their individual wishes.

The Tel Aviv Wish Tree only has one wish. 

It’s a shared wish. 

To bring home the hostages. 

A wish that an entire country hopes will be granted. 


(I don’t know who is behind the installation. But it is haunting and beautiful. And it caught my eye when I last visited the “Hostages and Missing Square” outside the museum.)

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