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Look for the helpers

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Always look for the helpers.

That’s what Mr. Rogers is quoted as having said about his mom's advice to him.

Especially in scary times.

With limited space for reporting the news, the international headlines don’t share the stories of the helpers.

The headlines don't share the amazing resilience Israelis are showing during this traumatic period -- in the wake of the Oct. 7 massacres.

The headlines miss out on the grassroots initiatives. And all the helpers. Every which way you look, there are helpers.

And sharing these stories of the helpers is a big part of the Zoom sessions I’m giving to congregations abroad.

The feedback confirms that these stories need to be shared.

“We, in the diaspora, need the ‘true story’.”

 “Viva's presentation and details were so helpful in explaining what is going in Israel.”

“[This] account touched my heart … the unbelievable courage, unity and incredible resilience Israelis are demonstrating.”

This is my mission: to share these stories.

But since my network is limited, if you are reading this and you know a congregation that could use a shot of hope, please let them know about my presentation, "Stories of Resilience".

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