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Everybody is rounding up

“Everybody is rounding up.”

Says the woman at the makeshift cash register to no one in particular. 

“Everybody is rounding up.” 

It’s a Friday morning in Tel Aviv. And hundreds of people have made their way to a local restaurant that has turned into a plant nursery for the day. 

Petunias. Cyclamens. Herbs. Periwinkles. 

The plants come from a nursery in Moshav Netiv HaAsara, a community located just 400-meters from the Israel-Gaza border. Hamas terrorists murdered residents of this community in the October 7th massacres. 

As has become routine these past few weeks, other cities around Israel host pop-up events at which fellow citizens from communities hardest hit by the Hamas attacks can sell their goods. There are farmers markets all over. And gardening sales. 

Buyers wait in line to pay for their plants.

The guy in front of us gives the woman at the cash register a 200-shekel note. 

“I’ll take 100-shekels change,” he says. 

“But your bill is 80 shekels,” says the woman. 

“Yes,” he says. “I’ll take 100-shekels change.” 

“Everybody is rounding up,” she says out loud to no one in particular. “These buyers keep rounding up.”

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