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Speaking Topics

​"On stage, Viva Sarah Press demonstrates a commanding and compelling grasp of Israeli technology and innovation and the ways they influence and impact a broader global society. She is a skilled storyteller who is able to turn complex narratives into relatable anecdotes that both engage the audience and leave people eager to hear more.  Her wealth of experience and expertise is complemented by her dry wit and straightforward approach, all of which make her the perfect panelist or keynote speaker for any audience or occasion."

Alison Goldstein Lebovitz, PBS host

Culture of Israel's Creativity & Innovation

This talk delves into the reasons why a tiny country, easy to miss on the map, is making enormous strides in innovation and creativity every single day. I share stories highlighting this creation and ingenuity in all fields or a specific one (automotive, health, cyber, agriculture, etc.). 

Women in leadership, innovation and business

There are incredibly inspiring women at the front of the business and innovation sectors in Israel. There are women who are breaking the glass ceiling every day. This is a country where women can be – and are -- cultural achievers, scientific researchers, academic front-runners, economic managers and CEOs and political leaders. This talk focuses on the banking and biomed arenas (where women are in the majority), with examples from further afield as well.

Reporting on the culture of creativity in Israel

When we think of the news from Israel, we tend to think about political or diplomatic headlines. But there are also headlines focusing on creativity, innovation and world-changing ideas. It is remiss to read – and know about -- only one kind of news. This talk looks at the country's innovation, research breakthroughs, pioneering technologies and cultural achievements. I share examples of wild ideas and how they turn into global solutions. In this talk, audiences will get a better understanding of the Israeli culture and community -- and a glimpse of the country’s future.

How Israeli innovations and wild ideas are changing our lives

From giving cars the power of vision to creating a portable stick that will convert dog droppings into dust to taking wireless technology and converting it into a 3D sensor for breast cancer and food safety... Israeli ideas are changing our lives no matter where we live. Israel is one of the most important sources of innovating ideas for the world today. Through international collaboration these ideas are changing our reality. This talk tells the stories behind some of the wild ideas and how they evolved into real solutions.

Israeli Innovation in Global Healthcare

This talk takes a behind-the-scenes look at the inventiveness and advances taking place in Israel in the health field. The talk comprises oodles of examples of how the world has better treatment options for a myriad of diseases thanks to some amazing ingenuity. We look at why Israel leads in designing new technologies that are changing the world's healthcare.

This talk is for everyone on how and why to incorporate the language and methodologies of clowning -- and humor and laughter, in general -- into your life. Simply put, humor improves communication. 
Israeli and North American studies have shown that humor raises the level of satisfaction (among both teachers and pupils), improves teacher-pupil communication, makes for a better classroom environment and positively influences levels of achievement in school studies.
Hear the stories of Oshi, my clown alter ego, and her adventures in educational clowning (in primary, middle and secondary schools in Israel), how the language of clowning impacts parenting, and how through clowning principles, your perspective on life will be more positive. 

Olim Making a Difference in Israel

From the country’s pioneering leaders Golda Meir, David Ben-Gurion and Menachem Begin to prolific inventor Benny Landa (“father of commercial digital printing”) and Nobel laureate Avram Hershko, Israel’s new immigrants – olim – have played a major role in developing the country and guiding its future course. This talk shares some of their stories.

Things You May Not Know About Israel

From its role as an innovation nation to a powerhouse for research and development; from a country filled to the brim with museums to a smorgasbord of culinary traditions; from a people who like to take risks and try new things to a populace that does not understand the word impossible... ​Israel’s amazing achievements belie its size. Real-time messaging, voicemail technology and anti-virus software originated in Israel. Jerusalem has the oldest tattoo parlor in the world. Israel was the first country to ban underweight models.  The lowest place on Earth is in Israel. There are so many things you may not know about Israel!

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