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Proofreading & Editing

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  • Helping you tell your story

  • Training for effective speech/presentation

  • Tips for non-English speakers to tell their story in English

  • I coach people on how to tell their stories, how to present face-to-face and via Zoom

Presentation Tips


Journalism & Writing

  • I am a veteran journalist and work in many content arenas. My work is published under my name and also as a ghostwriter. I work in these fields: Journalism. Content. Voiceover scripts & recording. Ghostwriting. Digital writing. Educational Textbooks.

  • Write and edit text, ghostwrite

  • Write text for education centers

Editing & Proofing

  • Did you know that a misplaced hyphen destroyed a NASA rocket? 
    A proofreader (or code debugger) could have likely prevented that incident. 
    Neglecting typos makes businesses look bad. Hire a proofreader. We help keep your content credible.

  • Ensure content is free of typographical, spelling, punctuation, formatting and other errors


Researcher (HCI)

Researcher (media)

  • Project Manager for a lab research project that tested the effect of "control" in human-computer interaction

  • Observed how humans interact with an actuated interface and design technologies (miLab, Reichman University)

  • Gleaned data-driven research insights to understand user experience

  • Project Manager for a lab research project testing the effect of "humor" in HRI

  • I have been a team member on assignments for television, podcasts, radio and online news productions. Projects with Apple TV, CNN, IBA News, The Baltimore Sun, Reuters, TLV1, among many others.  

  • Attention to details

  • Pre-interviewer    

  • Eye for a story

  • Source information

  • Keep tab on and monitor trends

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