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Multitasking: Productive or Bad for your brain?

I’m a freelancer.

In different vocations.

I love to be able to do this and this, too.

I don’t do different tasks simultaneously. I do have varying projects on the go at once.

For me, it is far more interesting to use all my skills.

Twice a week, I work as an assistant researcher in the human-computer interaction field. I read copious amounts of scholarly texts, seek out keywords, look for interesting abstracts and summarize then present the “best of” to my team.

On other days, I report about innovation news. I find a trend or topic about which I’d like to write, interview people and write up news reports.

About once a month – sometimes more – I give talks on innovation or failure, and sometimes on both. I also guest teach about journalism.

There are days when I edit text. Other people’s text. I work to polish their prose and help them say whatever it is they want to say.

Sometimes, I can be found working on media research projects. I love the setup – pre-interviews, sourcing information and taking part in team assignments for television or other productions.

And I am back in school. I am pursuing a master’s in human-computer interaction.

So, am I a multitasker? Well, I am not doing all of these things together at the same time. But yes, I do have different projects on the go at once.

I enjoy the variety.

I know many others who embrace different vocations.

I also know many who cannot understand this way of thinking. What’s your take?

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