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How to tell stories of innovation

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

It’s one thing to hear about this innovation nation and quite another to connect to this ingenuity.

That’s a challenge I try to solve in every talk I give.

I want audiences to go home feeling connected to the creativity happening in Israel no matter where home is.

I met with members of the Jewish Federation of Somerset Hunterdon in NJ in Tel Aviv. They had just visited an exhibition on innovation.

I was asked to meet the group and discuss the creativity, innovation, and ingenuity taking place in Israel.

I came laden with amazing stories, fun anecdotes, fascinating tech and ways to connect it all to our lives, wherever we live.

Together we created their word collage of Israel, navigated through different fields of tech, paused on climate change, embraced failure, weighed in on BDS, and chatted about Palestinian-Israeli innovation collaboration.

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