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Doing an MA with kids

Going back to school last year, I knew it would impact my whole family. Sure, this was my choice, but I knew that the whole family would be part of this new opportunity.

Throughout the year, I shared with them fun stories about class topics (UX, HCI research, cognitive psychology, coding, fabrication and more). The kids were my test audience for presentations, my co-brainstormers for assignments, user researchers for my classmates’ work, and pre-pilot participants for a lab research project.

The kids came to campus when they could (Covid-19 rules), ate snacks at the cafeteria, visited the lab, and got to see where their mom is studying.

I had hoped they, too, would take something from this year of study.

Yesterday, my youngest gave me a birthday present that affirmed my hopes. He made me my very own paper replica of an actuated-interface robotic object that had become a key part of my year (the original belongs to the milab (Media Innovation Lab, IDC).

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