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How does innovation news hit the headlines?

On the one hand, innovation stories are mainstream news.

You can read about new technologies, groundbreaking research and pioneering gadgets in online news magazines or in print in newspapers. There are YouTube videos, news videos and podcasts galore all dedicated to new innovations.

Innovation stories pre-2007 were relegated to the Business section of a newspaper. After the iPhone and Android smartphones settled into the palms of people's hands the world over, many more people wanted to know how a new technology or code could impact their lives.

And yet, I'm still often asked by people who hear me give a talk on something to do with Israeli innovation where they should look to read more about these breakthroughs.

I'm also asked where the innovation news comes from. How I build a story.

I give a talk on this topic as well.

News gathering in the digital age is different from when I started in journalism back in 1998. "Fake news" wasn't known as such back then, but rather as lazy journalism.

And how do I choose whether to write about a company or not? What kind of story does the startup need to offer?

I'd love to tell you more. Please invite me to give a talk/workshop/lecture.

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