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Here’s what I learned when I taught a Zoom class

When the Education Ministry can’t decide if distance-learning is good for elementary school pupils or not, the parents step in to keep the morning Zoom talk going.

Routine is important. And having a 10 am class chat during this coronavirus pandemic is a lifeline for my fourth grader.

When the teacher is allowed to host the chat (in accordance with the ministry’s distance learning policy), he does. When the wishy-washy ministry alters education policy, we step in.

Today, I took the kids on a 30-minute adventure into the land of sensors and new technologies in the sports arena. I love showing examples of how technology impacts our lives (for all ages).

Coronavirus made a brief appearance in our chat – namely in the role it will play in cancelling the Olympics.

We also spoke about tech-enhanced shoes, shirts, and goggles.

I loved their input. Their thoughts.

There are 26 pupils in my son’s gifted class. They all think a 100 kilometers-a-minute. They all know a ton. I discovered that they’re all thirsty for knowledge.

I wanted their input. We spoke about who would want to try out the new technologies? What purposes the sensors could be used for?

It was a very interactive chat. Perhaps a bit too interactive when one of the kids took over my computer – I forgot to block shared access.

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