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Happy ice cream day!

For me, every day is ice cream day. But officially, today, July 21, is National Ice Cream Day in the US.

Actually, July is National Ice Cream Month. So, I've been celebrating properly so far.

National Ice Cream Month kicked off in the US in 1984. Former President Ronald Reagan signed it into public law on July 9, 1984.

When it comes to ice cream, Israel is known for its creative flavors. Just last week I had chocolate-pretzel and pistachio-white chocolate. Both flavors were delicious.

Mascarpone with berries is another mouth-watering combo as is passionfruit-white chocolate.

My daughter is a big fan of the new summer flavor, watermelon-mint gelato.

My boys like Hershey's, cookies and cream, mango, and Kinder chocolate.

Last summer's big hit was cannabis flavored ice cream. What will be this summer's favorite?

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