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Zoom talks on the impact of Covid-19-inspired innovation

Covid-19 has been a catalyst to amazing innovation everywhere.

After all, necessity and challenges are often the main ingredients of invention.

There are amazing, jaw-dropping stories of entrepreneurs and idea-makers who are tweaking algorithms to quickly solve new problems arising during Covid-19.

This ability to pivot is one of the Israeli innovation sector’s specialties.

As a journalist, I get to interview the entrepreneurs making the world a better place and the investors banking on their ideas to help humanity everywhere.

Israeli innovation works to find solutions for present-day challenges and for future ones.

The stories behind these innovations are fascinating, encouraging and important.

I am honored to be one of the people telling and sharing these stories.

Pre-pandemic, I gave talks to groups in Israel, the US and Canada about the impact of innovation, and specifically Israeli innovation. Sometimes I’d meet a small group of investors and other times a 1,400+ group of community leaders wanting to know the stories of modern-day Israel.

I speak to school groups and philanthropists, hedge fund managers and lay leaders, synagogue communities and activists of all ages.

As Covid-19 closed borders, it was only natural that my talks on technology’s impacts would move to the virtual space. Moreover, I’ve created a new talk focusing on Covid-19-inspired innovations and how through global collaboration, the world will benefit from these new ideas.

Zooming in to new communities is exciting, inspiring and fun. And my talks are still interactive with a lot of audience participation.

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