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Writing about innovation for Joe Smith

Joe Smith in Kansas City is always my guy.

He is my go-to audience whenever I’m writing about a new innovation or technology. He is always on my mind.

Of course, Joe Smith isn’t one person. He is a readership of everyone I hope will learn something new about the topic I happen to be covering.

And it was Joe Smith who I brought with me to a recent class on how to cover innovation news.

I have been writing about Israeli innovation, specifically, for over a decade. I give talks about the innovation stories from here, too.

There are innovation hubs the world over.

Every country is innovating.

And yet, my job is to find a way to tell a story that will tweak interest. Every time.

So, I call on Joe Smith.

As I explained to the students via Zoom, it is crucial to think about Joe Smith from Kansas City and what would interest him.

When writing for a global audience it is the global perspective of things which must be kept in mind.

We spoke about the wider picture – looking at news trends, news pieces and why it is important to know what others are writing about or saying.

We also spoke about press releases and why copying-and-pasting given text is not how to write an article.

We spoke about how to tell a story the journalist wants to tell and not just the curated story a firm prefers to tell.

We spoke about telling of the essence of a technology and not about the nitty gritty codes.

And we spoke about Joe Smith.

If Joe Smith is interested in a novel technology that could change how he does something in his day-to-day or how a breakthrough algorithm may change why he does something, the article – and journalist-- will succeed.

Everyone telling innovation stories needs a Joe Smith.


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