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Staying optimistic in the Israeli Covid-19 balagan

Israel has lost control of Covid-19 infections, according to news reports. And while the government is threatening to shut down the country for a second time, doctors are saying the new lockdown measures are political and have no epidemiology backing.

So, how can we stay optimistic in this Covid-19 chaos?

The social initiatives taking place around Israel are encouraging.

Social hackathons are reassuring.

Tech startups tackling Covid-19 challenges are fun to write about.


There are so many things that make the outlook depressing.

There are also so many under-the-radar social action initiatives that keep the outlook hopeful.

I try to share these stories – the hopeful stories – with audiences over Zoom and online.

The novel coronavirus has proven that anything is possible in shutting borders the world over and upending life as we knew it. So, yes, anything is possible.

The focus needs to be on making everything possible.

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