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Not Another Zoom Talk

I give talks.

It’s one of the things I do. It is also my favorite thing of the things I do.

I used to give talks in a room with people.

The Covid-19 health crisis altered that option. So, I pivoted and adapted my talks to an online platform.

My talks are still interactive. There is still audience participation. Humor is still part of my talks.

The feedback has been great.

But Zoom fatigue is proving to be a problem. Other people’s poorly produced presentations which are promoting Zoom fatigue, that is.

The cry by those who have participated in badly run, poorly structured Zoom talks is, ‘not another Zoom talk.’

Indeed, the online video conferences that are not practiced or organized are terrible. I, too, have suffered through some of these.

But there are also amazing and inspiring video meetings. And I have loved these ones.

Zoom and other online video talks are not going away.

It is obvious when a presenter has done their homework. It is obvious when a presenter enjoys what she is doing.

I love giving these talks. I love the human connection – even by video.

Now, I’m wondering is there a way for the presenters of the world to band together to would-be audiences without them thinking despondently, ‘not another Zoom talk’?

Zoom does not have to imply gloom.

Zoom talks can definitely indicate a place to come for exhilarating ideas and inspiration.

Can there be a way for online speakers to promote the idea that when they announce an online talk, new audiences will know it’s ‘not another Zoom talk!’ (thought in an enthusiastic tone)?

I hope so.

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