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96,000 pounds of ice cream

Data from a local delivery service on what Israelis order makes for a fun read.

Every month, over 96,000 pounds of ice cream (43,545 kilos) are delivered to Israeli dessert-oholics via Wolt couriers, according to an article about Wolt Israel in the Hebrew daily, Yediot.

Pre-Covid-19, Israelis were ranked seventh in the world for ice cream consumption – eating about 10 liters of ice cream a year.

But that number seems to have skyrocketed during lockdowns. The Wolt courier service only delivers to the central region of Israel – so the 96,000 pounds of ice cream being delivered is only to a scoop of the country’s households.

There are more numbers.

Bamba, the peanut butter-flavored snack food, is also a top item on delivery lists.

According to Yediot, 60% of orders after 9 p.m. include a bag of Bamba.

The delivery service also runs a pharmacy option.

The most ordered item: pregnancy tests.

For delivery services in Israel, the New Normal – national lockdowns, full-service food establishments having been forced to close, people afraid to go out/not allowed to go out – has been great for business.


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