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Documentary on World Education: Israel

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Sometimes you need an outsider to show you what's happening in your neighborhood.

Screen grab from Childhood Elsewhere of Zhou Yijun in Israel.

Journalist and filmmaker Zhou Yijun dedicates an episode of her education series, Childhood Elsewhere, to what's happening in Israel.

The documentary series, now showing on Youku, offers a fascinating look at the culture of education in Japan, Finland, India, the UK and Israel as compared to China.

The Israel episode looks at this country’s views on education styles, innovation from a young age, individualism, creativity and the practice of questioning authority.

Above all, the theme of failure – or, more specifically, the importance of how Israelis view failure as part of one’s journey – is a focus of this documentary.

I am honored to have been included as a voice in this film.

I always include examples of failure when I give talks on the culture of innovation and creativity.

It is all the more important that pupils in grade school know that failure is not the end – but rather one step in their education.

I feel that as my alter ego, Oshi the educational clown, a fool who fails regularly, I can show the pupils I meet that failure, while not desired, is a part of life. Failure offers an opportunity to learn what or how not to do something.

Moreover, I help show that you can try again – and should try again. And when kids know this, I believe their ability to accept and acknowledge their failures will lead them to a belief that nothing is impossible.

I recommend the whole documentary (it starts with about 40 seconds of commercials, wait it out): Childhood Elsewhere - Israel. (My part starts at 9 minutes)

I also feature in two of the promos: Fun in school

2020 Update: I clowned in schools from 2018-2019. I now give talks and blog about this extraordinary experience.

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