Israeli Innovation in the time of Coronavirus

The world is seeking tech solutions to help fight the Coronavirus outbreak. Israel, a country known for its innovation culture and aptitude to take on the impossible, has over 100 companies and research teams creating technologies to help suppress COVID-19.
In this online video talk, I tell the stories behind some of the emerging tech solutions, address why this country is so good at adapting its tech to new purposes, and how Israel’s creative culture facilitates entrepreneurs in this global challenge.
Q&A optional and recommended.

Culture of Creativity and Innovation

When we think of the news from Israel, we tend to think about political or diplomatic headlines. But there are also headlines focusing on creativity, innovation and world-changing ideas. 
I love telling Israel's creative stories.

In this talk, I kick off with the latest innovation news headlines. I explain why Israel is one of the most important sources of innovating ideas for the world today -- in all fields. I tell the stories behind some of the wild ideas and how they evolved into real solutions. The role of failure --and how to learn from it -- is a key theme in this talk.

Audiences take away a better understanding of the Israeli culture and community -- and a glimpse of the country’s future.  

Women in Leadership, Innovation and Business

There are incredibly inspiring women at the front of the business and innovation sectors. There are women who are breaking the glass ceiling every day.
This is a country where women can be – and are -- cultural achievers, scientific researchers, academic front-runners, economic managers and CEOs and political leaders.

Hear the stories of women who are leading the banking and biomed arenas, with examples from further afield as well.

  • May 26, 2020 Postponed
    Women - Innovation Journalism, Tel Aviv

  • July 13, 2020 Innovation, Tel Aviv

  • July 15, 2020 Innovation, Tel Aviv

  • July 21, 2020 Innovation, Neve Ilan

  • November 2020


  • December 6, 2020 - Creativity-Innovation, Tel Aviv

  • December 24, 2020 - Creativity-Innovation, Tel Aviv


  • New dates to be announced soon!


Failure: Let's Fail Together

This talk on failure -- and success -- is a unique duet talk. It stirs together fields of education, innovation, storytelling, hacking and clowning to encourage conversation and dialogue. In the innovation realms, especially in Israel, failure is not a stigma. In fact, many countries look to Israel's embrace of failure to learn how and why this acceptance of making mistakes fuels the local ecosystem. We explore examples of how and why this attitude exists -- tracing back to the founding of the modern state through army principles to today's high-tech arena.  

Moreover, in education, while learning from failures is taught, schools rarely truly enable failure. This talk (which can also be a workshop) raises ideas and offers examples from innovation to education, blame free environments, and why it is important to feel failure -- really feel it -- in order to embrace its lessons and succeed.
Success is our main objective of this talk. But we think a shot of failure for the journey there is a necessity.
I share the mic with Dr. Maya Wizel, educational hacker, when giving this talk. 

Israeli Innovation in Global Healthcare

This talk takes a behind-the-scenes look at the inventiveness and advances taking place in Israel in the health field. Dozens of examples of how the world has better treatment options for a myriad of diseases thanks to some amazing ingenuity. There are a handful of reasons why Israel leads in designing new technologies that are changing the world's healthcare. Hear the stories from behind-the-scenes.

Adding Clowning Methodologies and Humor Principles to Everyday Life

This talk is for everyone on how and why to incorporate the language and methodologies of clowning -- and humor and laughter, in general -- into your life. Simply put, humor improves communication and outlook. 
Israeli and North American studies have shown that humor raises the level of satisfaction (among both teachers and pupils), improves teacher-pupil communication, makes for a better classroom environment and positively influences levels of achievement in school studies.
Hear the stories of Oshi, my clown alter ego, and her adventures in educational clowning (in primary, middle and secondary schools in Israel), how the language of clowning impacts parenting, and how through clowning principles, your perspective on life can be more positive. 

Keeping to the Facts

This talk is for upcoming journalists, researchers, and students of all ages who want to know how to separate the "fake news" from "real reporting."

This talk includes stories from behind the main headlines, what innovation journalism is all about, where the news comes from, how information is gathered and ways in which the news has changed in the advent of digital technology.  

Idea to Solution

Viva Sarah Press 
was one of the most dynamic and interesting speakers we had heard in a long time!
She gave a unique and entertaining perspective on Women, Innovation and Business intertwining great personal stories. 

Laura Sherry
and Lee Lebovich

Palm Beach County, Jewish National Fund

Viva Sarah Press demonstrates a commanding and compelling grasp of Israeli technology and innovation and the ways they influence and impact a broader global society.

Her wealth of experience and expertise is complemented by her dry wit and straightforward approach, all of which make her the perfect panelist or keynote speaker for any audience or occasion. 

Alison Goldstein Lebovitz, PBS host

Chattanooga, Tennessee

This talk is for pupils and students of all ages who want to know how an idea becomes a solution. I offer many examples of wild ideas and how they evolved into real solutions or failed along the way, only to sprout new ideas. 
Option: Startup role-play with pupils -- how to pitch the idea, wooing investors, how to decide who to fund. 

Moderator and Panelist

While I love being the speaker at an event, I equally enjoy moderating and being a panelist as well. And specifically, when the discussion is on Israeli innovation. 

Whether giving a keynote, moderating or serving as a panelist, audience participation is always on my mind. 

I have moderated and taken part as a panelist in events ranging from 40-1,400 people.

Inquiries For more information on speaking engagements, content, journalism, fees, and more -- please be in touch!

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