I give inspiring talks on the impact innovation, and specifically Israeli innovation, has on our lives today no matter where we live. There are hundreds of news stories about the amazing creativity, innovation and pioneering ideas taking place around the world. In my talks, I collate the top stories of the day together with behind-the-scenes tales from my reporter’s notebook to illustrate the impact these new technologies will have on our lives. My talks are interactive, engaging and tailor-made.


The Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst to new creativity and innovation the world over.

In this live video lecture, I tell the stories of global collaboration now underway, and specifically turn the spotlight on Israeli innovation.

In Israel, the uniquely quick ability to adapt and pivot tech to new purposes is serving up groundbreaking emerging tech solutions.

I tell these stories of how researchers and entrepreneurs are creating borderless technologies to help suppress COVID-19 everywhere.  


​I love to share Israeli innovation stories. 
All talks are available via Zoom sessions. 

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"Viva Sarah Press demonstrates a commanding and compelling grasp of Israeli technology and innovation and the ways they influence and impact a broader global society.

Her wealth of experience and expertise is complemented by her dry wit and straightforward approach, all of which make her the perfect panelist or keynote speaker for any audience or occasion." 

Alison Goldstein Lebovitz, PBS host

Moderator and Panelist

While I love being the speaker at an event, I equally enjoy moderating and being a panelist as well. And specifically, when the discussion is on Israeli innovation. 

Whether giving a keynote, moderating or serving as a panelist, audience participation is always on my mind. 

I have moderated and taken part as a panelist in events ranging from 40-1,400 people.

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