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Hi. I am...

Timberly Williams

Viva Sarah Press.
I tell stories.  Share knowledge. Design with words. 

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  • inspire through lectures

  • collaborate on projects in any field 

  • share knowledge in educational and innovation spaces

  • research (and especially, research humor)

  • create better user experiences

  • make complex concepts easy to understand

  • work to create something different

  • empower people to tell their stories

Communications, lecturing, journalism, UX, research, presentation training and innovation. This is what I do.


I have an MA in Human-Computer Interaction (with thesis) and a BA in journalism and English literature. I am a published author of academic papers, an educational resource book and thousands of journalism articles. 


Through writing, consulting, speaking, iterating and training, I collaborate with teams in different fields to best communicate a story, engage audiences, create effective content, lead projects, find research insights, design smooth user experiences, educate, create new products, and enhance user experience.

With over two decades in communications and related fields, I have served in senior editorial and production roles at media agencies, lectured in Israel and North America, and have collaborated with dozens of startups, education companies, media outlets and non-profits. At present, I work as a user experience researcher at Q. You can also find me at Reichman University where I am a lecturer for the cross-platform investigative journalism workshop course. I also run writing and presentation workshops. 

In the "other" category: I am a mom of three (all teens), a Scrabble fan, enjoy travelling when possible,  and am ever curious. 

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