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Random fact:
I trained as a therapeutic-educational clown,
and always try to employ humor theory conventions and ideas to better interaction and communication everywhere.

Hi. I am...

Viva Sarah Press.
I design with words and tell stories. 

I have a multidisciplinary skill set that encompasses writing and research, UX, journalism, public speaking, presentation training, humor, HCI, content design and teaching. I am interested in improving the impact of technology and communication in our lives, creating better user experiences, empowering people to tell their stories, making complex concepts easy to understand, and collaborating to create something different.

I have spent 24+ years in the communications field as a storyteller, editor, correspondent, speaker and writer. I have worked for numerous news outlets, serving in senior editorial positions in television, online media and print journalism. I guide and mentor young reporters to build skills in research, reporting and interviewing, and I teach presentation skills. I also write and edit microcopy and web copy (choose words that help people have better experiences with digital products), blogs and other content. I am an editorial consultant and I give talks (on Israeli innovation, humor in tech and other topics). 

Through writing, consulting, speaking, and training, I collaborate with teams in different fields to best communicate a story, engage audiences, create effective content, find research insights, educate, and enhance user experience.

I am an effective communicator with great presentation and interviewing skills; I thrive on searching for the essence in complex ideas; and get a kick out of conducting qualitative and quantitative research. I am a published UX-HCI researcher.  

I am a big fan of ongoing learning and collaboration projects and am always happy to do both.

I studied journalism at the University of King’s College (Halifax), therapeutic clowning at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts, and will receive my MA (with thesis) in human-computer interaction (HCI) from Reichman University (expected 2023). My thesis research lies in the intersection of humor, communication and social interaction. I am a firm believer that humor is a key element in communication and interaction and can be leveraged to every field or sector.   

I can help you communicate your story in an effective way. 

At times, I wear more than one hat. You can also find me: 

  • mentoring new journalism students at Reichman University

  • assistant teaching a course on ethics and technology at Reichman University

  • writing and researching in UX-HCI

  • writing and proofreading in the corporate content field

  • working on something new in the humor-research-industry space

  • giving talks on a variety of topics including innovation, failure, the impact of technologies on our lives

  • teaching presentation skills on how to tell a story and helping people speak with confidence 

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