Viva Press. That's me. My aptronym is real. I sometimes use my middle name, Sarah, in my byline to avoid being mistaken for a media department or news agency.

It doesn't always work. 


I am pursuing an MA thesis in Human-Computer Interaction. My thesis research focuses on humor in HCI/HRI, with a further spotlight on social interaction.

I am also part of a diverse UX team working to make a new children’s product usable, fun, and accessible. It's a mix of qualitative and quantitative user experience research, user testing, usability studies and human-centered design. 

I like to wear more than one hat. You'll also find me: 

  • mentoring new journalism students at Reichman University

  • assistant teaching a course on ethics and technology at Reichman University

  • giving talks on a variety of topics including innovation, failure, the impact of technologies on our lives, how to tell a story, and everything in between.