Viva Press. That's me. My aptronym is real. I sometimes use my middle name, Sarah, in my byline to avoid being mistaken for a media department or news agency. It doesn't always work. 

I have worked in the world of content, storytelling and journalism for over 23 years.

I am a teller of stories, a speaker, a journalist, a blogger, a media researcher, a project manager and assistant researcher in HCI, a contributing author,  a ghostwriter, a video storyteller, a life learner and a content writer.

As a journalist, I have had the great fortune of meeting some amazing people during my career.  While it may sound like a cliché, everyone has a story. And I love sharing these stories – about others as well as my own – with readers the world over.

As a speaker, I get to tell stories and share my excitement on a variety of issues with new audiences. Thanks to my work as a reporter and editor, I continue to collect stories and use my speaking engagements as a platform to share all sorts of fascinating tidbits with others.
I give talks on the themes of innovation, creativity and failure.

As a contributing author to "Israel: It's Complicated," I share the role in helping learners understand the meaning that Israel holds for the Jewish people and discover their own personal connections to the country.

As an idea person, I ask questions to help teams find the answers and seek out details to back up the facts with the goal of making a difference/changing the world in some way. 

As a media researcher, I ask questions, do research, pre-interview, scout and find out details in support of productions in the media industry. 

As a project manager in HCI research, I help with data collection, data analysis and coordinate a team of student research assistants. 

As a content editor and writer, I thrive on reorganizing words. Among my strong suits: writing clear copy, editing, and preparing well-structured content.


As a student pursuing an MA in Human-Computer Interaction, I research and learn about the interaction between humans and tech in our daily lives.

As one of Israel's first educational clowns, I had the opportunity to return to school as an adult and get an insider's view of what being a pupil means today -- and what it is like for teachers in the education system. I blog and give talks about my experiences.

As a traveler-at-heart, I love learning about new cultures and getting a taste of other ways of life.  

As a mom, I get to enjoy life's adventures with my three amazing children every day.