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I always try to employ humor theory conventions and ideas to better interaction and communication everywhere.

I studied journalism at the University of King’s College (Halifax), therapeutic clowning at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts, and did an MA (with thesis) in human-computer interaction (HCI) at Reichman University. My thesis research lies in the intersection of humor, communication and social interaction. I am a firm believer that humor is a key element in communication and interaction and can be leveraged to every field or sector.   

Hi. I am...

Viva Sarah Press.
I tell stories.  Share knowledge. Design with words. 

I have a multidisciplinary skill set that encompasses writing and research, UX, journalism, public speaking, presentation training, humor, HCI, content design and teaching.


I empower people to tell their stories, share knowledge in educational and innovation spaces, research how humor improves the impact technology can have on/in our lives, create better user experiences, make complex concepts easy to understand, and collaborate to create something different.

I have spent 24+ years in the communications field as a storyteller, editor, correspondent, speaker and writer. I have worked for numerous news outlets, serving in senior editorial positions in television, online media and print journalism.

  • I guide and mentor young reporters to build skills in research, reporting and interviewing

  • I teach presentation skills and lead educational workshops 

  • I write and edit microcopy and web copy (choose words that help people have better experiences with digital products), blogs and other content 

  • I am an innovation storyteller (I give talks on Israeli innovation, humor in tech and other topics)

  • I create presentations on a range of topics 

  • I am a consultant (content, journalism, education)

  • I am constantly curious and love learning

Through writing, consulting, speaking, and training, I collaborate with teams in different fields to best communicate a story, engage audiences, create effective content, find research insights, educate, and enhance user experience

I can help you communicate your story in an effective way. 

At times, I wear more than one hat. You can also find me: 

  • mentoring new journalism students at Reichman University

  • assistant teaching a course on ethics and technology at Reichman University

  • writing and researching in UX-HCI

  • writing and proofreading in the corporate content field

  • working on something new in the humor-research-industry space

  • giving talks on a variety of topics including innovation, failure, the impact of technologies on our lives

  • teaching how to tell a story and helping people speak with confidence 

  • showing how lessons from innovation stories can impact our lives

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