Viva Press. That's me. My aptronym is real. I sometimes use my middle name, Sarah, in my byline to avoid being mistaken for a media department or news agency.

It doesn't always work. 

I am presently researching and writing a thesis (MA in Human-Computer Interaction).

I am a teaching assistant in a course on ethics and technology at Reichman University

I am a public speaker and guest lecturer on a variety of topics including innovation, failure, the impact of technologies on our lives, how to tell a story, and everything in between.
I also work as a freelance journalist, editorial consultant and an editor/proofreader.

I have a multidisciplinary background and acquire skills quickly. I work and study in the fields of HCI research, education, journalism and media, content and storytelling, project management. I love to apply knowledge from different areas to new contexts and connect the dots to create effective solutions.

A bit more about me:

•           Very experienced in interviewing, presenting, public speaking, moderating and telling stories

•           Expertise in writing, editing, proofreading and ghostwriting

•           Curious about learning new approaches in all fields

•           Trained in research methods (over two decades as a professional journalist;
              UX research - 
graduate studies)

•           Good at managing teams and projects

•           Quick learner and life learner

•           Team player, problem solver, idea maker and always looking to make the impossible possible


A tiny bit more:

* I believe there is an art to asking questions and knowing how to truly listen to the answers

* I encourage my kids to question everything

* I believe a good sense of humor is key