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Ever see a clown on the UPnRIDE?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Twice a week, I work as an educational clown. The rest of the week, I work as an innovation journalist and give talks on the culture of innovation.

So, this morning, when I went to the TV studio for an interview it could have been a typical outing.

But today, I was being interviewed – and not the other way around. Moreover, I was dressed as Oshi, my educational clown alter ego.

Upon walking into the waiting area of the studio, however, my eyes nearly popped out from excitement.

The UPnRIDE was there, waiting for its turn in the studio.

Sitting around this revolutionary robotic standing wheelchair, which recently secured an FDA approval, was the company’s CEO as well as other team members.

They were most definitely surprised that the woman in high pigtails, wearing neon turquoise pants, rainbow striped socks, a wine-red shirt, a white vest and sporting half a dozen flowers knew what the UPnRIDE was, that it had received the FDA mark and that the company recently held a big funding round through an Israeli equity-based crowdfunding platform.

There was only one obvious thing to do: fully combine my worlds by taking a photo of Oshi on the UPnRIDE.

Oshi on the UpnRIDE

A M A Z I N G.

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