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What can you do with $100 million?

$100 million.

That’s about how much the Beresheet spacecraft mission cost to put Israel in Lunar Orbit.

It’s also the sum an international consortium is set to invest in Israeli food tech and agritech initiatives, in Kiryat Shmona.

What else can you do with $100 million?

A whole lot. Obviously.

And when we’re talking about innovation – and a country of innovators – there are oodles of wild ideas just waiting to be converted into global solutions via collaboration or investments.

This was all part of an early morning talk I gave to a visiting group from the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, brought to Israel with Da'at Educational Expeditions. I told stories that really illustrate ‘Creative & Innovative Israel.’

I bounced around with stories from space sciences to health, food tech to cybersecurity. Of course, there were also tidbits about humanitarian aid, tikkun olam, educational clowning and failure.

At Q&A, there were questions about educational clowning, innovation in general, private benefit vs. greater good, adapting technologies and more.

Later this evening, I’ll share other stories I’ve covered as an innovation journalist and speaker. Tonight’s chat is with a group of US university students brought to learn about Israel with the Upstart Ideas group.

I love sharing stories of modern-day Israel. After all, there is so much going on and so much to report and tell.

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