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Beresheet is the purple splotch on the Moon Map

National Geographic Moon Map

This is so cool! Beresheet is on the official National Geographic Moon Map.

National Geographic just published a new Moon Map with a list of all the probes and landers on the lunar surface, “the legacy of human efforts to explore it.”

Beresheet is there. It is the purple splotch. 

Yes! An Israeli craft is on the Moon! And that is awesome.

The Beresheet story is one of inspiration. My kids grew up with it – I’ve been reporting on it since Kfir, Yonatan and Yariv decided to shoot for the Moon.

Fail forward, is the message I tell my kids.

And back in April, when Beresheet crashed into the Moon, we shared a moment of initial disappointment. But it took just minutes for my kids to start a long list of ideas on what the next Israeli space mission will entail (and their roles in it).

Now, Beresheet has a prestigious place on this National Geographic Moon Map.

And that is truly inspiring.

The full National Geographic article is here. 

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