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I'm speaking in Toronto!

I'm excited to give a Post Kiddush Talk about Israeli Creativity & Innovation at the First Narayever Congregation on May 19.

My talks always include stories about why a tiny country, easy to miss on the map, is making enormous strides in innovation and creativity every single day.

Real-time navigation, cars that can see, 3D sensors for breast cancer, glasses that help the blind see... this is a talk about these and other Israeli solutions now changing lives around the world.

Who are the people behind these innovations?

Why did they decide to tackle a certain challenge?

How does adapting technologies from one field to another play a part in the creative process?

My talks are not sponsored by any company and do not represent corporate interests.

They do include fun facts and memorable anecdotes.

Can't come to Toronto? Invite me to speak at your next event.

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