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Smash your chickpeas and celebrate International Hummus Day!

Today is International Hummus Day! To celebrate, you’re meant to eat hummus for breakfast, lunch or dinner – or, all three.

In Israel, most people won’t even know that their trip today to the local hummisya (hummus joint) is anything out of the ordinary. After all, Israelis love this smooth and creamy spread and eat it all the time.

Israelis fork over at least $210 million on hummus every year.

A new report on the local chickpea spread sector only calculated hummus dollars according to specialty eateries – dedicated to this addictive dip. So, if you ordered hummus at a café or fusion restaurant, your hummus expenditure went amiss.

Assuming you’re thinking of going to a hummus joint to celebrate the day, how much do you think a plate of hummus with two pitas and some pickles will cost you in 2018?

On average, $7, according to a new CofaceBdi market report, published in honor of International Hummus Day.


Add sautéed mushrooms or shakshuka and the price climbs a bit to $8.50.

The good news: There are over 500 hummus joints – serving different styles of hummus – across the country, reports CofaceBdi.

The bad news: according to the report, one in seven hummus joints is in danger of closing its doors due to competition and high real estate prices.

This is what competition looks like: 70 percent of hummusiyas are privately owned joints serving up hummus with a touch of secret family traditions. The other 30% are chain franchises, with their own special spices and styles.

So, where is your favorite place to buy hummus? And which style do you prefer?

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