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The people we meet (memories from my travels)

Flipping through old photo albums, I came across dozens of photographs of nature and landmarks from past journeys and the memories I still have of them.

My photo albums also include faces. Lots and lots of portraits of people.

Photos of monks and holy people. Photos of guards and barbers. Photos of women and children. Photos of other travelers and passersby.

And it made me think: Who are these people? Why did I take their photos?

Do the people we meet cross our path for a reason?

In the time of Covid-19, and self-distancing, the idea that we’re just one tiny part of a huge world is magnified.

Where are these people in my photo albums today?

Is the old Tibetan woman I photographed in India in 2001 already reincarnated?

Is the Muay Thai fighter I photographed in 2003 still in the boxing ring?

Where is the woman from Ayacucho who posed for me in 1999?

Is it a coincidence that I met and photographed certain people or is there a reason?

Looking at the faces in my albums brings up memories of moments.

These photos remind me that there’s a world of people out there and, post-Covid19, I look forward to meeting some more amazing souls.

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