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Sharing my work space with 3 colleagues under the age of 12

The coronavirus changed my work from home schedule to include three kids as my new WFH colleagues.

Water-cooler talk is usually about them. No, it's always about them. In the years before a deadly disease was lurking invisibly outside, the kids would set off to school in the morning and only return home after after-school activities.

My work space at home was mine.

On March 13, 2020, when Israel shuttered schools, my work space became shared work space.

The good points: I now have lunch dates. I get to hear more about what they think. I get to see them when they're not rushing. Or, I'm not rushing.

And even though I don't get half of what I hope to get done in a day, I love the time with them. And when my partner returns from work, the family time together.

Here are seven ideas for family fun during isolation.


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