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Scavenger hunts at home

Before Covid-19, my kids attended scouts twice a week.

Now, during social distancing and home isolation, they have semi-regular meetings via video conferencing.

They can’t do the regular activities like capture the flag or outdoor cooking over a flame. But they can do scavenger hunts at home.

It has become an exciting feature of our daily routine.

The counselor picks random objects that the kids must find around the apartment.

The Hebrew Scout Movement in Israel is a co-ed scouting and guiding association with some 80,000 members. Our local tribe has about 1,800 kids.

As such, about once a week, I watch amusingly as my youngest piles the couch with odds and ends he’s been requested to bring to the video chat.

He tends to leave the mess when the scouts meeting is done. We’re working on the clean up part.

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