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Raising three personalities

I try not to compare one kid to the other. Each is different. And that is good.

It is also fascinating to watch how three children with the same upbringing can be – and are – so different.

Two family friends came to play.

The kids headed outdoors.

One offered to bring a ball to play with everyone.

One said, ‘let’s just see what’s in the park and we’ll decide what to do together.’

One said, ‘I’ll bring my bike.’

One of the visiting friends asked: ‘why are you bringing your bike?’

‘So, I can ride it in the park,” my kid said.

When they returned from the park, it was decided that they’d play on the Xbox.

One child suggested they play a multiplayer game and pass the controllers from one to the other.

One child suggested they team up.

One child said there weren’t enough spots on the multiplayer game and two would need to team up but he wanted to play for himself.

“The things that make me different are the things that make me.” – Winnie The Pooh

We’ve got the caring child. The one who looks out for everyone else first. The one who will always make sure everyone is included. But said child will also stand on her/his ground. Not a pushover. But so empathetic.

We’ve got the thinking child. The one with a wild imagination. Thinking up games, role play, fantasy worlds and sharing these ideas with anyone who will listen. The thinker wants to include everyone, but it doesn’t always work: not everyone is open to imaginary worlds.

We’ve got the infantile child. The child who can be kind-hearted or self-centered, depending on the situation. The one who can be wholly charming but also hurtful, using the excuse “I thought it was funny” too many times. The child who loves to be included in a group and be seen as the leader although being a follower is always the end result. And the one who, at the end of the day, blames everyone else.

Each child provides a need for different kinds of parenting.

Keeps things entertaining.

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