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Innovation Stories: Welcoming back tourists to Israel

Tourists are trickling back into Israel! And that means face-to-face meetings with incoming tour groups is back on the table.

I can't wait to share the innovation stories of how Israeli companies confronted Covid-19 head on and came out stronger than before.

During the lockdowns, I gave Zoom talks about the local culture of innovation and shared stories of how blue-and-white entrepreneurs pivoted, adapted, and adopted their technologies to create new solutions in a myriad of sectors.

It is exciting to know that I can now share some more of these remarkable innovation stories -- and how they impact the global community -- in person!

New testimonial:

“Viva is a remarkable speaker! I have attended two of her talks - one for adults and another for teens. Her style is highly engaging and her materials are relevant, audience-specific, on-point and contemporary. She is absolutely riveting!” -- Diane Friedman, Co-chair King David High School PAC, Vancouver, Canada

Please be in touch!

More about my talks here

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