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Hello 72! Telling Israel’s New Innovation Stories

Israel’s 72nd anniversary is days away.

This little country is brimming with exciting stories.

Stories of making the impossible possible.

Stories of overcoming great challenges.

Stories of enthusiastic people.

There are 4,000-plus registered journalists sharing the stories of modern-day Israel.

Some write the stories of politics.

Some write the stories of religion.

I write and share the stories of innovation, creativity, and ingenuity.

Success stories and failures.

Who are the people pioneering new ways?

What makes these bright individuals tick?

How does something being created in Israel have an impact on you, no matter where you live.

I tell other people’s stories.

I tell the stories of the people of Israel.

I tell the stories of Israel.

And it is a privilege to be entrusted with telling these stories. The stories of people who you may not otherwise know about. Their amazing feats and accomplishments.

72 years of stories.

Old stories and new stories.

Stories with morals and hopes.

There are so many stories to tell.


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