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Flushing COVID-19 down the toilet

People are flushing all sorts of things down the toilet. And it is clogging up the world's sewage systems.

Since the toilet paper drought -- or, rather, talk of a drought -- people have taken the liberty of flushing weird things down the toilets.

Until Gili Elkin, Board Member and Chief Growth Officer at Kando, sent me a message via LinkedIn, the impact of COVID-19 on the world's sewage systems hadn't crossed my mind.

And then, via Gili, I interviewed Ari Goldfarb, CEO and founder of the Israeli smart wastewater management solutions provider.

The predicament is real. The United Nations has listed wastewater as one of the world’s most urgent challenges.

The result of my chat with Ari: an article on how Kando is using IoT and AI algorithms to halt the looming wastewater crisis in the time of the novel Coronavirus. 

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