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Digital cold shoulder proves to be a popular blog topic

The social media cold shoulder, why it happens and what to do about it is a hot topic, according to Wix blog and Google analytics.

It is a popular blog topic (especially on It is also my blog's most popular topic.

When I first wrote about this concept -- a social media cold shoulder -- it was a personal musing. I had noticed that certain individuals were purposefully ignoring my posts while they had earlier liked and commented on them.

Of course, I know that no one owes you/me online interaction.

Even when you do catch someone's attention, there are no rules that you'll keep it.

Not interested or jealous? So, why the cold shoulder?

Maybe they missed the post. Maybe they're jealous. Maybe they're too busy. Maybe they have lost interest in the topics about which you write.

I got the social media cold shoulder from people who I never tagged but who used to follow my posts.

Their likes and comments were nice to have. When it disappeared, I still continued doing my thing. I know I did not need their validation to do what I do. And that is really important to remember: Do your thing.

When to tag someone

Tagging someone can annoy them. Remember that. (It can also be taken favorably, but the negative response is important to remember.)

I hate it when I'm tagged for no reason other than the person wants me to see or like their post. Even if I have no connection to the topic of the post.

I tag people when I know for sure that they'll like the post.

I won't tag someone to get their attention.

Expecting someone to pay attention just because you tagged their name is not the way to go.

It is also unlikely that someone will pay attention if you add a low-value remark on one of their social media posts. Commenting, while important to show you're active on social media, can be highly irritating when done without value.

Commenting for the sake of commenting is discouraged.

So, what can you do about a social media cold shoulder?

If you really need to get in touch with the person, try another means -- like emailing or calling them. Don't wait for them to answer a tag.

If you are seeking validation for what you're doing, here is the validation you need: Great job. Keep going.

Don't expect or wait for anyone to commend you. If you are not to blame for social media etiquette blunders, then it is not on you.

As in life itself, those who can offer kudos, will. Those who cannot (whether suffering from the green-eyed monster or similar), may give you a social media cold shoulder.

Keep going.


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