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Covid-19 lockdowns may lead to social unrest. They may also lead to social action.

"There will be vandalism.” That was a pull quote in today’s Hebrew media, following news that Israel is heading to a second Covid-19 lockdown. The remark referred to job loss and livelihoods.

A Queen Mary University of London study shows that while social distancing measures and lockdowns curb the spread of the coronavirus, these procedures are boosting social unrest, too.

So, how can we, as a society, make sure that social action triumphs over social unrest during this time?

In Israel, social action – caring for one another – is a strong tenet of society.

Indeed, for such a small country, Covid-19 has spurred dozens of remarkable social initiatives. Above all, this pandemic has stimulated this thing known as community.

There is a lot of stress and worry about our new every day.

Economic uncertainty abounds.

Wearing masks has become normal.

Staying in bubbles or pods or capsules of family or friends is normal.

Every part of our lives has changed.

And yet, some utterly amazing social innovation has come out, and is coming out, of this new normal.

People acting for the common good.

People taking time to share.

People wanting to help.

People using tech for good.

I give talks about some of these social initiatives and social innovations that are stemming from Covid-19. They’re happening all over the world.

And there are many life-changing, heartwarming initiatives out of Israel – that are offering blueprints for the world to replicate.

Let’s hope today’s pull-quote remains a sensational journalistic attempt.

I’d much prefer to write – and give talks about – the social action taking place instead.


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