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Big YES to online Zoom parties and events

For my birthday, I hosted a surprise party.

I chose the date. I chose the hour.

I asked my friends and family to surprise me.

It was the best birthday surprise ever.

Who hosts their own surprise party, you may ask. Well, it depends how you define 'surprise.'

Creativity flowed. Laughs were plentiful.

And it took place during a Covid-19 lockdown. The regulations, in Israel at the time, were to stay within one kilometer of your home.

But I had party guests from Canada, the US, Germany, the UK and Israel attend my party.

I love organizing Zoom events.

This is a key point, actually. Organizing.

It has to be organized and planned to work.

Leaving an event to “just happen” will result in a tiresome technical mess.

It is also crucial to know how to speak to an audience online. Smile. And have fun.

Many feel exhausted by these online video webinars. I do, too.

But when organized, planned and executed right, they can be tons of fun.

Because of the circumstances I was able to celebrate my big day with people who otherwise would not have come to Israel to a pre-Covid party.

It wasn’t the first event I’ve hosted. It won’t be the last.

(If you want help organizing an online event, reach out. I have loads of tips and ideas.)

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