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How can we know about an innovation if we don't know its story?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Every day, brainstormers come up with awe-inspiring ideas.

These ideas are twisted and twirled, shaken and stirred.

When the idea is ready, it is launched to the next phase.

The idea may become an innovation.

The innovation may change the way we do things. Or, the way we could do things.

How will we know about an innovation if we don't know its story?

Someone needs to find out about this new way of doing something. And that someone needs to tell about it in a fun and creative way. So that we'll know about it. And remember it.

Israel is known for its innovations.

Well, for some of its innovations anyway.

I constantly research and learn about this country's innovators. I write articles about the innovations. I also write and give talks about amazing stories behind these innovations.

Why? Because I live here. I believe people should know what's going on.

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