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An ode to teachers

For just over one year, I have spent a few hours a week as an educational clown in schools around Israel. It doesn’t matter at which school I clown. I meet the same types of kids – although each unique in his or her own way, of course.

There are the popular kids and the super popular ones.

There are the followers and leaders.

There are the loners and the socially awkward kids.

There are well-spoken and rude kids.

The outspoken and silent ones.

And every day – except for Saturdays – they wake up in the morning to come to school.

And they mix. Because they have to.

It is hell for some and exciting for others.

The cool kids share space with the clumsy kids.

The introverts must navigate their rowdy classmates.

The extroverts are paired to do schoolwork with the recluses.

The well-spoken kids cringe at the swear words flying out of mouths around them.

And every day – except for Saturdays – they spend a majority of their day in this jumble.

The learners sit beside the hypochondriacs.

The energy takers rub shoulders with the energy givers.

The spoiled I-get-what-I-want kids accompany the big-hearted pupils.

The misunderstood stand alongside the self-confident self-starters.

The fun-loving and the serious share space. As do the hyper-sensitive and overly determined.

The troublemakers create havoc and the goodie-two-shoes aim to impress.

Once or twice a week, the school clown meets and greets them all.

But every day – except for Saturdays – the teachers masterfully establish a tempo to harmonize everyone.


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