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Innovation stories with the Wisconsin State Assembly

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Talking about innovation from my journalistic point of view means talking about crazy ideas before they become global solutions.

Which company deserves “oddball news” status? Which entrepreneur is turning failure into success? Which company is taking one kind of technology and using it for a completely different purpose?

What is education like in Israel today? I bring my kids into the conversation -- all three of them are studying in completely different tracks. One is in public school; one is in a semi-private school and one is in a gifted program. What are the differences?

Which innovations do we use on a daily basis that started as a wild idea in Israel? Which multinational companies are collaborating with Israeli ones to create global results?

Who are the people behind the innovations and what prompts them to do what they do? Which topic of innovation do I like to cover best? Who is my favorite person to interview?

So many questions. So many stories to share. I love telling the stories of Israel.

Today, I shared some of these stories with representatives from the Wisconsin State Assembly and the Jewish Community Relations Council of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation.

There was a lot to talk about.

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