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Wanting to know more

Journalists have been called clowns. And when they are, it’s usually a negative remark.

There's even something known as a "clown question" -- it mean an irrelevant question.

Clowns are hardly ever – if ever – called journalists.

But they could be.

Clowning attributes include flexibility, creativity and wanting to know more.

Journalist traits are not that different.

My clown’s theatrical skills are still at the lower levels. I have so much to still learn.

But my communication skills, I like to believe, are very good.

In a sense, my clown and journalist characteristics have fused to create a hybrid observer.

A clown journalist. A journalist clown.

In both clowning and journalism, I listen to understand and not listen to reply. I listen then react or interact.

In both clowning and journalism, having a broad range of communication skills is key.

Learning about a new audience or a fresh topic to share with a readership is not all that different.

Indeed, communication with an audience is gold whether I’m Viva or Oshi.

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