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A woman got into my car. Then told me she’s helping me do a good deed.

I pulled up to the bus stop to let my friend off and the moment she got out of the car, an older woman got in.

The stranger explained that she had been waiting for the bus for what seemed like eons and had to get somewhere not far from where we were.

Once settled into the passenger seat, she told me she had to go three bus stops forward. And, she said, she wanted to help me do a good deed today – by driving her the three stops forward.

Of course, I would have agreed to give her a ride. But I especially loved her determination and explanation for getting into my car.

She. Wanted. To. Help. Me.

I actually started the day off with a different good deed but she didn’t need to know that. I’m happy I was able to give her the satisfaction of helping her help me help her.

Life is full of surprises.

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