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A side thought or a great idea?

I love finding out where a startup’s great idea has come from.

Why didn’t someone else come up with the idea sooner?

What made the founders of a startup think of this solution or that?

Often, it is one idea that leads to a groundbreaking concept.

I recently interviewed a company about a car-tech solution. A brilliantly simple solution.

Side thoughts can be the main idea.

But not really that simple, if you think about it.

Their idea was actually a side thought.

This is a message I like to put to students: where do ideas come from and how does an idea turn into a global solution. Side thoughts should never be discarded.

As a journalist, I get to hear about these amazing side ideas every time I interview entrepreneurs.

In the classrooms, when I speak to students, I love hearing their thoughts on how ideas are formed.

And of course, the ideas that fail are often the best springboards for other ideas. Even if they seem like secondary ideas.

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