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Counting down to random events

School is around the corner. Summer is almost over.

But those two facts are irrelevant to one of my seventh-graders (twins, I have two heading off to middle school).

Every morning, my kid greets me with a countdown of his own.

Five more days until a TV show may be on.

Three more months until a friend's birthday.

I have no idea why he has an obsession with countdowns.

This morning, he said, "Mom, the countdown is on."

I was sure I knew what this countdown was about: Ten more days until he gets assigned a locker.

It is exciting, after all. His first locker at middle school.

I was wrong, of course. "The countdown is on until the elections," he announced proudly. Still in his pajamas. Still with morning breath. Holding the newspaper.

He's not old enough to vote. Yet, he is counting down to the elections.

Well, at least today, he's counting down to the elections.

Tomorrow will be another countdown.

I hope he doesn't faint when the first day of school arrives. There have been no countdowns about summer coming to its end. And it will end. Countdown or not.

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