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Not here. Not there.

Life in limbo. That was an indirect, side effect of my mom's battle with multiple system atrophy (MSA).

For almost two years, I have been neither here nor there.

Two continents. 12-hour flights apart. Two families -- my parents and the family I made.

Every trip to see my parents was worth it.

Some trips were more stressful than others. Twelve hours without communication meant I could not know if my mom's condition had worsened or gotten better, until I landed.

Six weeks was meant to be the time difference between the last visit and this one.

My mom fought hard against the MSA.

The emergency call. The unplanned trip two weeks ago.

And now the planned trip. The planned trip that carries no questions about the condition of the person (my dad), who I am now visiting, when I land.

I tried to buy a phone roaming plan. The phone company denied my request. The plan I bought for the emergency visit is still valid.

Feeling not here. Not there.

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