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How Ariana Grande joined my fun, random facts list

I love random facts. Things that you'd think you don't need to know. Until you do.

Like the fact that giant pandas weigh in at just 100-grams when born.

Or, that Scotland's national animal is the unicorn.

Obscure facts. Fun facts. Weird facts.

Do you know Ariana Grande's blood type?

For Israel's 71st Independence Day I wrote an article about 18 little-known facts about the country. It got over 2,000 shares so it seems other people share my love for random facts.

And because of this article, Ariana Grande joined my collection of random facts.

My family and I were visiting friends. Over dinner, I was sharing the fun facts I had written about Israel. One of the kids at the table would answer with a random Ariana Grande detail after every new fact that I shared.

I shared that Mamanet, the only moms' sports league, began in Israel. She told everyone at the table that Ariana Grande has B+ blood type. I shared that Bamba, Israel's most sold snack food, helps ward off peanut allergies and is thus a global phenomenon.

She told everyone at the table that Ariana Grande likes dogs. And, reminded us, that she doesn't know her own blood type but knows Ariana's.

The more you know, the less you know.

We quickly realized that almost none of the kids at the table knew their blood type (and we, the parents, weren't much help). But we all know Ariana's.

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