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So much to talk about

I love giving talks.

I love giving talks about Israel. Specifically, about modern day Israel. And, never about politics!

I gives talks about contemporary Israel because I feel it is important to share these stories with as many people as possible.

I speak about the culture of creativity and innovation here, in Israel. This country’s amazing achievements belie its size.

How does an idea become a global solution?

I have oodles of examples of the chutzpah (in the best sense of the word) needed to come up with crazy, life-changing ideas.

I speak about innovation that makes a social impact. Innovation in all realms of society… not just technology.

Innovation in education.

Innovation in humanitarian aid.

Innovation in medical advances. I have oodles of examples of how the world has better treatment options for a myriad of diseases thanks to some amazing ingenuity.

I speak about incredibly inspiring women at the front of the business and innovation sectors.

I speak about friends and family who innovate for their friends, family and the wider world.

I tell stories of how the impossible is made possible.

How failure leads to success.

How risk, audacity and dreams can lead to amazing results.

I don’t represent corporate interests or any governmental body. I am not trying to convince anyone to think a certain way.

I share stories. I share ideas. I share amazing stories and amazing ideas.

And, my newest talk is actually a talk and workshop – on the groundbreaking educational initiative, now underway in Israel, which brings therapeutic clowns into the school setting to add joy, reduce stress, enhance self-identity and create a feeling of belonging.

I am part of the Educational Clowning Initiative. Together with Talia Safra, the founder of this project, we offer a talk and workshop for groups.

Therapeutic educational clowns are a necessary element of the education system in the same way medical clowning is an inseparable part of the healthcare system around the globe.

The workshop gives participants a chance to touch this therapeutic state of playfulness, feel the effect of positive language, and sense how clowning can be a natural stress reliever.

I tailor-make each talk. And thanks to this country’s culture of creativity and ingenuity, there’s always something new to talk about.

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