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Autonomous vehicles: from idea to acceptance

Autonomous vehicles. Self-driving cars.

When I first hosted a radio show on the concept of AV in 2014, people were still calling it a wild idea/imaginings.

Fast forward to 2018, autonomous vehicles are being built. The tech inside them is in hot demand. And while drivers may not be ready for them just yet, the idea of a self-driving car is accepted.

Connected cars are also high in demand.

So, I turned to some of the experts I had interviewed back in 2014 – as well as to some newer players in the autonomous vehicle scene -- for a new article on the car industry. The guys I had interviewed before were very happy to offer a new interview and their latest takes on what the global marketplace needs from Israel.

Of course, numerous articles have been written about AV. Many have also been written about Israel’s role in the global autonomous vehicle marketplace.

Israel doesn’t have car manufacturing plants or vehicle assembly lines but its reverberations in the autonomous vehicles and mobility markets are colossal.

There are reasons Israel’s tech ecosystem can provide solutions to AV challenges – and they have to do with the country’s risk culture and fail forward culture.

Autonomous vehicles, electrification, connected cars and shared transport are the megatrends in the auto industry in 2018.

Please read my article to see how and why much of the next-generation auto tech will come from a little country in the Middle East.

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