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The Culture of Israeli Startups and the Wild Ideas that are Helping Change the World

Speaking at Fourth Annual Onward Conference. July 25, 2018. Neve Ilan.

For the second year in a row, I presented the workshop -- “The Culture of Israeli Startups and the Wild Ideas that are Helping Change the World” -- at the annual Onward Conference in Israel. This all-day event serves up nine speakers on a range of topics, united by the theme, Israel Today – Challenges & Opportunities.

My talk touched on space sciences, cannabis, cyber defense, agri-tech, health innovation, and research.

The Boston Onward Israel and University of Florida Onward Israel participants gave audible wows when I spoke about Israel’s forte in nano-satellites and medical marijuana research.

There were clear giggles at the wild idea of a pooper scooper that may one day hit the market and turn doggy doo into dust.

They seemed to love the idea of a fail forward culture. And, they seemed fascinated by examples of how one technology can be adapted to another use.

I don’t understand algorithms but as an innovation journalist I have a great understanding of the culture of entrepreneurship and creativity going on in Israel and beyond. And I use my role as a journalist to talk about amazing behind-the-scenes stories and share up lesser known facts about cool innovations.

When we think of the news from Israel, we tend to think about political or diplomatic headlines. But, as I explained in my talk, there are also headlines focusing on creativity and innovation and world-changing ideas.

It is remiss to read – and know about -- only one kind of news.

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